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36th Annual Keres Memorial

May 20-23, 2011

River Rock Casino Resort

Richmond, BC



This year's version of the Keres Memorial took  place at the River Rock Casino Hotel and Resort, a new venue for us.   The new tournament site was well situated close to transportation, on the waterfront with a panoramic view of the marina and Vancouver, natural light for playing conditions, and was well received by all.


Top honors in the Open Section went to  Washington IM Georgi Orlov and the recently arrived in Vancouver Maxim Doroshenko.   Georgi played very enterprising bloodthirsty chess which nearly backfired on him in the first round when he didn't quite manage to make his piece sacrifice work against Andrey Kostin.   However, the style pulled through for him in the end, particularly in his games against FM Bindi Cheng and IM Leon Piasetski.   Maxim is fairly new to Vancouver.   He has been playing casually in the local Russian speaking community but this his first serious outing in Canada.  This tournament puts his FIDE rating over 2300 so he will be an FM although FIDE seems to have blanked out his rating.    Tied for 3rd were FM Bindi Cheng,  Butch Villavieja, and Joe Soliven (who actually took the U2200 prize).  Bindi and Butch playing each other both could have tied for first with a decisive result but in a brutal struggle that ended an hour and a half after everyone else had finished had to settle for a draw and 3rd place.   Play it over and imagine that you are playing on increment only for the last 30 moves or so.


Stay tuned for info on next year's Keres: the 37th Annual!


Organizers: Roger Patterson, Paul Leblanc, Brian Raymer

TD:  Stephen Wright, F.A.


Games:  (pgn file)


Prizes: ($4000 total guaranteed)

Open Section:

1st-2nd:  IM Georgi Orlov, Maxim Doroshenko  5.5 points, $800 each

3rd-4thL FM Bindi Cheng, Butch Villavieja 5.0 points, $200 each

Top U2200 Joe Soliven 5.0 points, $300.


U2000 Section:

1st-2nd:  Hiva Menbari, Igor Kurganskyy 6.0 points, $500 each

Top U1800 Alice Xiao 4.5 points, $200


U1600 Section:

1st: Gopal Singh Hayer 5.5 points, $300

Top U1400 Marcel Holtmann 4.5 points, $100


Top Unrated:

Michael D. Greene 3 points (U1600 section)  $100.


SwissSys Standings. 36th Paul Keres Memorial: Open          
# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot
1 IM Georgi Orlov 2537 D17 W33 W14 D4 W3 D2 W6 5.5
2 Maxim Doroshenko 2295 W20 W10 D3 W23 D6 D1 W7 5.5
3 FM Bindi Cheng 2500 W5 W9 D2 W13 L1 W12 D4 5
4 Butch Villavieja 2309 D11 B--- W28 D1 D7 W8 D3 5
5 Joe Soliven 2084 L3 W26 W34 L7 W30 W13 W12 5
6 IM Leon Piasetski 2416 W18 H--- D7 W10 D2 W9 L1 4.5
7 Tarek Toubale 2280 D25 W19 D6 W5 D4 W23 L2 4.5
8 Dezheng Kong 2053 L23 W27 W15 W14 D13 L4 W19 4.5
9 Brian McLaren 2211 W27 L3 W29 W20 D12 L6 D11 4
10 Roger Patterson 2144 W34 L2 W22 L6 D21 D20 W28 4
11 Savvas Kyriakides 2047 D4 W25 L12 D24 D16 W15 D9 4
12 Alfred Pechisker 2282 W21 L14 W11 W17 D9 L3 L5 3.5
13 FM Kevin Gentes 2270 W26 W16 D23 L3 D8 L5 D22 3.5
14 Howard Chen 2216 W22 W12 L1 L8 D23 W18 U--- 3.5
15 Georgi Kostadinov 2184 L28 W32 L8 W25 D18 L11 W29 3.5
16 Howard Wu 2154 W31 L13 L20 W28 D11 D22 D21 3.5
17 Andrey Kostin 2084 D1 W30 H--- L12 D19 D21 D20 3.5
18 Pavel Trochtchanovitch 2077 L6 L22 W32 W31 D15 L14 W30 3.5
19 James Chan 2014 H--- L7 D25 W27 D17 W24 L8 3.5
20 Jingzhou [Peter] Lai 1961 L2 W36 W16 L9 D24 D10 D17 3.5
21 Lubomir Pokora 1957 L12 W31 D24 D30 D10 D17 D16 3.5
22 Han Du 1867 L14 W18 L10 D29 W33 D16 D13 3.5
23 IM Vicente Lee Jr 2331 W8 W24 D13 L2 D14 L7 U--- 3
24 Bradley J Willis 2156 W36 L23 D21 D11 D20 L19 D27 3
25 Joe Roback 1921 D7 L11 D19 L15 L27 W34 W32 3
26 H G Pitre 1909 L13 L5 H--- W32 D29 X33 U--- 3
27 Jeremy Hui 1766 L9 L8 W36 L19 W25 D29 D24 3
28 Manuel Omana Escandor 1758 W15 H--- L4 L16 W31 D30 L10 3
29 Changhe Li 2071 H--- H--- L9 D22 D26 D27 L15 2.5
30 Leonard Molden 1995 H--- L17 W33 D21 L5 D28 L18 2.5
31 Casey Collins 1704 L16 L21 B--- L18 L28 L32 W34 2
32 Lionel Han 1526 D35 L15 L18 L26 D34 W31 L25 2
33 Daniel E Salcedo 2031 H--- L1 L30 W34 L22 F26 U--- 1.5
34 Marionito Jose 1689 L10 B--- L5 L33 D32 L25 L31 1.5
35 Dejan Radic 1616 D32 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.5
36 George Wilson-Tagoe 1730 L24 L20 L27 U--- U--- U--- U--- 0
SwissSys Standings. 36th Paul Keres Memorial: U2000          
# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot
1 Hiva Menbari 1956 W18 W23 W7 D3 D2 W5 W6 6
2 Igor Kurganskyy 1900 W6 D3 W17 W4 D1 W7 W9 6
3 Robert North 1926 W--- D2 W13 D1 W9 D4 D5 5
4 Alice Xiao 1780 W25 D5 W21 L2 W13 D3 D7 4.5
5 Paul Leblanc 1934 W19 D4 D9 W18 D7 L1 D3 4
6 Philip Allan 1909 L2 L19 W26 W22 W20 W11 L1 4
7 Daniel Saldanha 1837 W22 W24 L1 W10 D5 L2 D4 4
8 Peter Thompson 1785 L24 D22 D14 H--- W15 X21 D11 4
9 Darren Bates 1760 D15 W14 D5 W24 L3 W10 L2 4
10 Sylvain Gaudreau 1685 H--- D15 W23 L7 W24 L9 W16 4
11 Dejan Radic 1616 H--- W16 D15 H--- W17 L6 D8 4
12 Jofrel Landingin 1769 L21 L20 L25 B--- D22 W26 W23 3.5
13 Donovan Zhao 1719 D--- W26 L3 W21 L4 D17 D14 3.5
14 Payam Mousavi 1681 D16 L9 D8 W25 L18 W24 D13 3.5
15 Manfrei Aquino 1958 D9 D10 D11 L17 L8 D25 W22 3
16 Severo [Juni] Caluza 1838 D14 L11 L22 H--- W19 W20 L10 3
17 Philip Harris 1819 W20 D21 L2 W15 L11 D13 U--- 3
18 Hugh Long 1759 L1 W25 W20 L5 W14 U--- U--- 3
19 Elliot Raymer 1756 L5 W6 L24 L20 L16 B--- W25 3
20 Robert Hamm 1665 L17 W12 L18 W19 L6 L16 W24 3
21 Louis Cheng 1969 W12 D17 L4 L13 W23 F8 U--- 2.5
22 Hector Rathburn 1678 L7 D8 W16 L6 D12 D23 L15 2.5
23 Joanne Foote 1466 B--- L1 L10 W26 L21 D22 L12 2.5
24 Brian Sullivan 1623 W8 L7 W19 L9 L10 L14 L20 2
25 Doug Sly 1546 L4 L18 W12 L14 D26 D15 L19 2
26 Trevor Yonkman 1401 H--- L13 L6 L23 D25 L12 U--- 1
SwissSys Standings. 36th Paul Keres Memorial: U1600          
# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot
1 Gopal Singh Hayer 1577 L3 W11 D4 W7 W2 W8 W5 5.5
2 Constantin Rotariu 1410 W5 W10 D3 W4 L1 W9 D7 5
3 Marcel Holtmann 1304 W1 W7 D2 W10 L8 W4 L6 4.5
4 Michael Su 1249 D7 W9 D1 L2 W10 L3 B--- 4
5 Edward Enns 1107 L2 B--- L10 W6 W9 W11 L1 4
6 Alan H Griffith 1515 L12 L8 B--- L5 D7 W10 W3 3.5
7 Petr Straka 1453 D4 L3 W8 L1 D6 B--- D2 3.5
8 Aaron Cosenza 1388 L10 W6 L7 W11 W3 L1 L9 3
9 Micah Chesher 1284 H--- L4 W11 H--- L5 L2 W8 3
10 Michael D. Greene unr. W8 L2 W5 L3 L4 L6 W11 3
11 Brian Parker 920 H--- L1 L9 L8 B--- L5 L10 1.5
12 Joanne Foote 1466 W6 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 1

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