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Online Registration Pre-Registered Pairings / Standings Policies




45th Annual 2021 Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament 


6 round Swiss CFC Quick Rated



 May 22-23 May 2021



Where:   chess.com and Zoom



Saturday 22 May at 11 am, 1:30 pm and 4 pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7); 

Sunday 23 May at 11 am, 1:30 pm, and 4 pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7)


Time Control: Game/30 min + 15 sec increment


Sections:  Premier and U1400.   Play-up allowed if CFC/FIDE/USCF/FQE rating is above 1200.  Extra fee $20.  

Rating: CFC Quick rated.  


Prizes: Trophies for 1st place, U1700, U1400, U900.  Unrated trophy if at least two unrated players.

Chess Lessons (donated by Don Hack) Premier section top U1600.  U1400 section top U1200 and top U1000. Each prize is a set of two (2) one-hour one-on-one lessons with FM and FIDE Trainer Alex Jardines.  Awarded to players not winning another prize. 

 Tie-break for prizes: direct encounter, buchholz (uncorrected sum of opponents’ scores), average rating of opponents


Entry Fee: $20.  Free for GM/WGM/IM/WIM (contact organizer). This is a fundraising tournament for the BC Chess Foundation and the 2021 BC Closed Championship. Refund policy: 100% refund if organizer notified  24 hours before start of round one

Registration:   ONLINE:  Registration will close at  12 noon on Thursday 20 May or when maximum capacity reached.  Maximum number of players will be 100.


Contact:  Paul Leblanc  pc-leblanc@shaw.ca



CFC membership required.  BC residents annual fee adult $38, junior $25.  Available from the CFC, or purchase with registration.  Alternatively, purchase a tournament membership $8 adult $4 junior with registration (good for this event only).

Players in this event are eligible for the COVID-19 rating bonus of up to 200 regular rating points (play at least 10 Quick rated games between April 1st 2020 and October 1st 2021 and achieve a Quick rating 200 points higher than your Regular rating to get the 200 point Regular rating bonus). 


Fair Play:

Games are subject to monitoring by chess.com anti-cheating software.

Players must abide by chess.com fair play rules.  That means no assistance from any source including chess engines, databases, books, notes, other players, analysis on chess boards etc.  Fair play rulings by chess.com are FINAL.

Be careful when making moves not to have a "mouse-slip" deposit a piece on the wrong square.  There is no way to take back an erroneous move.

It is possible to experience a temporary loss of internet connectivity on your computer.  This is generally your responsibility but if it persists inform the TD. 


Organizer: Victoria Chess (Paul Leblanc)

TD: Brendan Woodroff  






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